Meet Mama

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by.

Allow me to introduce myself...

I like bringing joy!

I do loads of things with music and words, like:
performance poetry
jazz gigs
gospel-influenced Get-Togethers

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alternative weddings

I’m motivated to make joy in the world, so I incorporate humour and positivity in my shows

I write songs

Every so often, I’ll pop out a song.

I like writing smart, cheeky, sharp lyrics - trying to emulate all the best songwriters who went before me. Y’know, Cole Porter, Noel Coward, Public Enemy…

R2 Magazine 4-star review of my album

"A hybrid of cabaret, R&B, blues, funk and fun...with a first album stuffed full of great ideas put to great tunes – and isn’t that the best kind of music?"

Hear, buy, stream & download my music on iTunes, Bandcamp & Spotify

“What a great show. Thank you so much for your talent, your enthusiasm and show-womanship”

Peter Oliver, promoter of Gator By The Bay Festival, San Diego, California, USA

I do performance poetry

I write & perform poetry - I love wordplay!

Visit my spoken word page here

Me & my JazzBros

I love gigging and hanging around with Tom Unwin’s King Tut Trio.

Find out more about our music here

Mama gallery

See me in pictures

Get an idea of the fun and larks I get up to

I’m a writer by trade

…and as well as songs and poems, I write a monthly e-shot of uplift called the JoyMail, where I share new work, recommendations and news of my gigs. Fancy it? Sign up below or browse the archive of e-shots to get a taste.

I'm also writing up some of the funny things I've seen, heard and been a part of on my blog here

The Get-Together

“We need this in our community”

Find out more about the pro-social singalong show I created to bring more joy to people

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