The Hall of Infamy

Infamy, infamy, they’re putting it in for me…

Meet the esteemed Mamatrons who’ve committed to supporting me and my work and are coming with me on the journey to joy

First Responders

These people rode to the rescue in the blink of an eye when my Patreon account launched. They're family.

Amanda Bluglass

Mrs Jane Turner

Katherine Pazda


Andrew Vaccari

Bernardine Artuso

Aiden Lawley

Chris Chatwin

Emma George


A special Mamatron member of my B-Joyful B-Friending Service, gifting £20 a month. I natter monthly for up to 2 hours with a Mamatron Super-Plus about music, art, history, politics, culture, philosophy, sci-fi and myth, and more!

How about a Little More Conversation?

Steve R. Johnson

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These people give £5 of their hard-earned to help support my creativity and moves along the road to my Joyful Mission. They are blessed people that I deeply care for.

Bridget Dare

Agnies Calkoen

Dan Of Kaos

Christine Brown

Robert Andre Hinton

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These people give £3 a month - the price of a coffee - to help support my music, words and video-making. They are the backbone of my Patreon account, they are in the Mama Tokus Circle of Trust and I adore them.

Kristina Bieganski

Bruce Abbott

Tony Plato

Tracie Gillies

Monsieur Paul Brealey

Susannah Bowyer

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Support more joy!

These incredible patrons support me as a creative to make more joy through music, words and video in this world.

Find out more about me and my joyful mission in this vid.

What's Patreon?

If you're here but you're NOT already a Mamatron, Patreon is a patronage platform helping to artists like me (especially with no gigs around).

If you want to, you choose a way to support me on Patreon each month & you get to follow along on my (our!) journey PLUS 1st news of my gigs'n'vids.

It's a much closer connection than being at a gig. Generally, by becoming my patron, you get special treatment and a place in my heart.


Maybe you just wanna sign up for the moment and get to know me...

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