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Here's a selection of  music & spoken word videos. Just in case you're bored with Netflix...

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All of Me

Great version of this standard with New Orleans-inspired pianoman Diz Watson (& Fiends) giving it a Caribbean tinge

Ain’t Necessarily So

Mama & The King Tut Trio performing this Gershwin great.

Born To Be Wild

A wild end to a wild version of this song!

What The World Needs Now

Me & The King Tut Trio with this wonderful Bacharach & David number. Performing at The Glade, in the woods!

Take the ‘A’ Train

A snippet of this wonderful Billy Strayhorn tune, performed at Dartington. Mama with horns! Thanks to Gilly for the vid.

What’s Goin’ On?

I add a little bit more of a lady’s lament to Marvin’s call, with Tom Unwin taking care of the groove

I’m Hip

…and so’s Tom Unwin on this wonderfully arch number from Bob Dorough & Dave Frishberg


A Mama Tokus original about the joys (and side effects) of swing dancing

Mood Indigo

A pre-lockdown, safely-ventilated version of this number, with the King Tut Trio. In a barn.

When I’m Kissin’ My Love

Respectin’ Bill Withers in this socially-distanced Loopstation cover with Tom on the keys, gettin’ down!


Mine & Tom’s version of this fabulous Annie Ross song (you might know Joni’s version too?)

Poor Impulse Control

My own number, celebrating my own particular mindset. But swingin’ too!

The Get-Together

My pro-social singalong show, featuring fabulous soul, gospel, blues and funk tunes for YOU to join in with

Spoken Word

See more about my performance poetry antics on this site right here


A nature-funk tune celebrating we creatures’ need to move!

Baubo is my Homegirl

Where I celebrate the little-known Greek goddess of rude female humour

All the Right Thoughts

…but In The Wrong Order.

A piece about how confusion scatters the action we need.


A Loopstation piece for the ladeeez. Specifically, forgotten black women.

Introducing Mama Tokus

This is how I say hello at a poetry session!

Real Lady

I was worried about the effect of body-image pressure on the chicks. So I thought I’d parody Eminem. Class film made by Amanda Bluglass

Host of Apples and Snakes

The UK’s foremost spoken word agency put us poets on during a pandemic.

This particular show featured Dizraeli, one of my faves!

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