I can marry you!

I'm an ordained priest in the Church of the Latter Day Dude, and I do the odd wedding.
And I mean odd. But GOOD odd. Enquiries: mama@mamatokus.com

"That was the best wedding I've ever been to"

- member of the congregation after a Mama Tokus ceremony

mama & the bride and groom at the altar


I ADORE presiding over a beautiful ceremony - and I’ll take your ideas, my ideas and we’ll make this wonderful thing together, with sensitivity, levity, laughter and plenty of LUUUURVE.

Maritally blissed

If you want an out-of-the-ordinary wedding, I'm ya gal!

You’ll get a fun-yet-sincere ceremony that you and your guests will never forget - for all the RIGHT reasons.

Sure, Mama weddings aren't for shrinking violets. But if you want an unusual and funny Mama-matrimony ritual, just email me and say I do!

Want a weirder wedding?

Loved, loved, LOVED marrying Pete & Bev at their glorious steampunk ceremony.

Who wants all that white dress stuff anyway?

How does a Mama wedding go?

The ceremonies I preside over use comedy, warmth, participation and music to create a fun wedding that still includes sincerity and L.O.V.E.

I'll work with you to develop a ceremony that's totally individual to you, incorporating your ideas to ensure you have an incredible, unforgettable wedding.

Love & laughter

"You had the congregation, of all ages and backgrounds, rolling in the aisles with joy while still delivering all the right sentiments at all the right places.

“There was a lot of love and laughter in the room which set the tone for the whole day, just brilliant!”

Pro production ethic

"There was never any doubt we were in professional, competent hands"

Humour & poignancy

"We wanted a personal ceremony mixing humour and poignant moments, a tall order for most, but Katie pulled it off with gracious, quick-witted aplomb.

"She reacted spontaneously on several occasions when faced with challenging toddler hecklers!"

I'm a Dudeist Priestess!

I joined the church established around The Dude from The Big Lebowski - and that means I can conduct legal weddings in some states of the USA!

I haven't done any of those, but if you sort the official stuff, I'll work with you on a funny, heartfelt and utterly memorable marriage ceremony.

I'm friendly AND I'm LGBTQ+ friendly, yeah?


Other ceremonies & rituals

I can do you a blessing - I even did a baby-naming ceremony once!

I don't do funerals, but I know some people who do REALLY GOOD ONES

“What a wonderful ceremony you gave...it was fantastic & you managed so successfully to keep it informal, child-friendly & combined magic with dignity & allowed so much love to infuse the occasion”

- a happy grandparent after a Mama Tokus naming ceremony

I’m a certified Dude. Fact.

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