Sing with Mama! 

 Be uplifted 
 & connected! 

Bring in the joy in a soul-lifting music session with me, Mama Tokus!

I'm a soulful, gospel-inspired singer on a mission to make more musical joy in a world where we're often isolated and separate.

I can't come to front rooms & kitchens up and down the land to do shows, though.

So I took all the funk, soul and groove I could muster and packed it into Your Get-Together party toolkit as a way for YOU to: 

1. Easily make fun, musical memories with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues
2. Have a positive, uplifting, energising & memorable time – in a world that’s often gloomy & anxious-making
3.  Cut your screen-time, ditch the doom-scrolling, binge-watching & seeing your life ebbing away on social media.
gives you all you need to get into my memorable, joyous, vocalising session including 
• lyrics & backing tracks
• printable décor & party hats
• a playlist of party tunes
• a recipe & MORE!
For less than a bottle of wine or a couple of coffees, enjoy a fun night of your own music-making!
Your Get-Together guides you EFFORTLESSLY through
hosting a singalong night in with your pals (and me in spirit alongside you!)
I love singing with other people - that's when it gets interesting (and/or hilarious).

The bonds you feel when you've sung a verse-chorus-verse a few times are remarkable.

I do lots of shows each year where I encourage the audience to sing along.

Like this:

Thinkers, scientists, writers agree that music-making TOGETHER is good for us and it’s good for society:

Laurie Santos, Professor of Happiness at Yale University, USA coined the term ‘funtervention’ and says:

“Consciously injecting more fun into our lives…can not only improve mental health and help prevent burnout but also improve physical health”
Dr Oliver Sacks, neurologist, author and musician wrote:

“...a primary function of music is collective and communal, to bring and bind people together”
Music psychologist Stefan Koelsch reported that there was a benefit for society when we get together:

“When playing music in a group, individuals…communicate, coordinate their actions, and cooperate with each other, leading to increased social cohesion”

VIDEO: My mission to make more joy
This video tells you how I came to be on a journey to make more Collective Joy.

It features important activists who agree that we ALL need more joy - especially if we're to forge connected communities.
But what if…

• You think you can’t sing
• You’re shy, socially isolated or out of the habit of socialising
• You haven’t got much money
• You want to connect with people but don’t know how
• It’s too easy to default to watching a screen and finishing that box set

ALL of these barriers disappear when you download & host Your Get Together.

DON'T WORRY! I'll be with you in spirit, leading you towards the warmth of a memorable, musical, fun ol’ time!

So, how does Your Get Together work?
You’ll get a zip file which includes a printable PDF document, backing tracks to sing along with, lyrics and even a recipe!
You’ll get a step-by-step guide, with interactive links and QR codes so you can easily connect to the digital features.
There's a soulful, infectious call-and-answer song for everyone to get into, PLUS a playlist curated by me packed with great party music for you to get down to.
Your Get Together includes an easy & tasty recipe to share, joyful headgear to make & wear and well as fun bunting – funting? – to decorate your party-zone
I know that singing and getting together aren’t for everyone.
If you’re a Shrinking Violet or a confirmed Lone Wolf, maybe this isn’t for you.
But if you’ve read this far and you’re just a bit curious about doing something with singing that’s joyful and different, then get in there!

Why me?
I’ve spent my whole adult life listening to good sounds and entertaining people through music and events.
I’ve put that expertise into Your Get-Together to ensure there’s everything you need to make a memorable, song-filled & joyful positivity-party.
This isn’t just a side-hustle – this is my musical purpose compressed into a download so that I can share my enthusiasm for & skills in connecting us all together through song.

Let me share my Joy Story…

A few years ago I had a lightbulb moment whilst reading a book.
The book* chronicled how humans throughout time have made fun, bliss & ecstasy in various ways, from festivals of food, wine and frolics to intense religious rituals and costumed carnivals.
Music and togetherness always played a part in these events.

According to the book’s author, participants in these happenings would be uplifted, hypnotised and entertained by rhythm & song, experiencing ‘collective joy’.

 I’d tasted titbits of it at modern music festivals and parties but it wasn’t until that lightbulb moment when I realised my purpose as a lifelong singer and performer.
It wasn’t to show off and hog the limelight.
It wasn’t for the acclaim (although that was nice).
It wasn’t to be somebody else in a pretend stage persona.
It wasn’t much about me, to be honest. It was about something bigger and better for us all.
It was to help make more Collective Joy through music.


*Barbara Ehrenreich’s Dancing In The Streets, a History of Collective Joy
 Collective Joy for Mama Tokus

When we make Collective Joy, we lose our individual selves and join others in something bigger and brighter.

Humans need festivity and the connection that brings.

When we join in with Collective Joy we are changed for the better.

Why now?
Your Get Together is a brand new innovation and so it’s at
an introductory price of just £5 that will change in a few weeks’ time.

For the first few weeks of this offer, I'm throwing in some FREE bonus party hats and more décor too, so grab those freebies while I'm feeling generous.
Also, this edition of Your Get Together is the first in a series. A new toolkit with a new song will replace this one – in a few weeks’ time, so don’t miss out.
A life filled with joy, laughter, positivity and human connection is worth living – and the science tells us that it’s good for us and it’s good for the world.

So download Your Get-Together BELOW

Your Get-Together Party-in-a-PDF download
Beat isolation!    Banish boredom!
Cut screen-time & do something In Real Life!

Sing along with my funky, disco arrangement of a soulful call & answer tune.

Download this printable singing party & bring on the joy!

(GUARANTEE: Hey look. If this doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you your money back. If this hasn’t worked for you in 30 days from the date of your purchase, I’ll give you a complete refund).

 "Mama Tokus should be offered on the NHS as a cure for depression...fantastic fun!!" 
 - a happy punter