Write your own Nice One letter

Nice oneSpread your love further using my unpatented, completely customisable Nice One letter template.

I produced this for my recent one-woman-show Gospel Truths, and now it’s time to share it with whoever. And that means you!
Now I’m a gobby bugger, but I need reminding to say “Nice one” and I think many of us do.
So think for a moment about who deserves your kindnesses. Who can you communicate with who’d appreciate a pat on the back, a thanks, a Nice One?
Maybe it’s your wife, your hubby, partner. Your kids? Keeping it in the family’s a good enough place to start. A lot goes unsaid there.
Maybe some of you are going to be a little bolder and write to someone you know only a little bit. Maybe next door’s garden looks really nice and you can tell them, or the old lady across the road who always says hello to you first.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Word doc template, change the wording around if you like, then either email or post away!


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