Noo Voodoo

March 16 2009
Lemme ask you something.
Do you read your horoscope every day?
To see what the stars have to say
About your chosen way
(or your latest lay)?
Or maybe you’re
Tired of the same old world with only the three dimensions?
You should be looking for Narnia around every corner
Watching out for the little faun. Or the
Little Folk who’ll whisk you to Brigadoon
Via the wardrobe worm-hole in the next room.
Does an angel sit on your shoulder
Helping your good heart get bolder?
Or do you dance with the devil because
He’s the one with the eyes that smoulder?
At least you’re getting your 666 a day.
Are you hopping through life trying not to step on the cracks in the firmament?
By now you must know that none of this is permanent.
But an elaborate, illusory ornament on the
Mantelpiece of your deity of choice.
But hark! What’s that noise?
Here’s where I hush my voice.
It’s behind you girls and boys.
This is a noo voodoo
A noo hoodoo
Call up a noo ju-ju
This is a noo voodoo
A new voodoo
This noo hoodoo
Here is new ju-ju
Can you feel it too?
Today’s ‘happier’, ‘hypier’ lifestyles lead directly to…
…plummeting satisfaction levels.
Yer chakra’s off-kilter when you’ve lost the
Will ta live life through harmony
Not ‘how many’.
I blame the baby-boomer consumers
Who bought into the dream of two cars, two houses, two kids.
Too busy accumulating to speculate
That there might be a richer seam beyond the gleam of their
His’n’hers estate car bonnets.
Time-poor relations who let the TV set babysit.
That’s watching without mother.
This magnolia-painted lifestyle leads invariably to shades of grey.
Alleviated only when the red mist comes down.
Bang bang! The High Street is cut down
By a kid who wants to feel an authentic, non-digital,
shoot-em-up high.
A rush of blood from the head.
Game over.
But what’s that you say?
Lock ‘em all away?
There’s gotta be another way.

This is a noo voodoo
A noo hoodoo
Call up a noo ju-ju
This is a noo voodoo
A new voodoo
This noo hoodoo
Here is new ju-ju
Can you feel it too?
Lemme nail my colours to the mast.
I’m not advocating a return to times past
When we’ve got such a great future together.
If we’re to keep evolving before the Earth stops revolving
We need to come up with something. Fast.
As we stand upon the doorstep of perception,
The one who knocks is an exception,
And the rest hesitate in our trance-like state.
Yet we can grow our rosy futures by visualising the best
And we can be blessed
If we only let ourselves…be.
Connect your mind to the line that runs throughout time.
Here’s a little theory of mine:
Let’s make a blood pact
With our passions intact,
We’ll all counteract:
The noo voodoo
This noo hoodoo
This is a noo ju-ju
A noo voodoo
A new voodoo
This noo hoodoo
We do and you doo-doo
Can you feel it too?

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