Women Talk – a poem

This was written especially for International Women’s Day – which seems a really tight amount of time to celebrate the ladies, seeing as there are about 3.2 billion of us on this Earth. Mind you, we’re multitaskers so we will make the most of it, I suppose.

Women Talk


Women’s Hour, Women’s Day,

That’s woman’s work, unequal pay – still?

Washer woman, women’s problems. Woman trouble.

Women Instituted, woman’s intuition,

Women’s lib, women’s groups,

Votes for women. I vote for women.

Women and children first!

Woman talk, womenfolk, Little Women

Big women, leggy women, blonde women, black women.

Worldly women, older women, old woman, young women.

Women on top. Women on top of women.

Women only.

Women-only shortlists

Women only have long lists.

Bloody women. Women, bloody.

She’s a Devil Woman, Black Magic Woman, Wise woman.

Witchy women, Earth woman, wild women, Wolf-Woman

Warrior women, Women against the bomb

Bionic woman, Superwoman, Wonder Woman

Women in Love. The Woman in Black.

The Other Woman.

Woman, I can hardly explain…

Women of the night.

All woman.

I’m Every Woman.

Well-women clinics for unwell women.

Women haters. Battered women, women’s refuge.

A woman, scorned…

Women drivers (coo!)

Women bus drivers, women lorry drivers, women taxi drivers, police car drivers, ambulance drivers, fire-engine drivers, tank drivers.

Women pilots, chief executives, scientists, women priests,

Women prime ministers, women presidents.

Women soldiers. Women bombers.

Women serial killers.

Women throughout history.

Women aviators. Women explorers.

Sportswomen, playing women’s football, women’s rugby, women’s cricket.Women boxers, women Olympic!

Women on top of the world!

Women one half of the world.

More woman talk? Damn right.

More women talking women up!

(tut) Women, eh?

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