Tokusblog: Take some Action for Happiness

I receive a lovely newsletter from this positivity organisation that I am particularly interested in. This week it arrived the day after I listened to a tale of woe from a dear, overburdened friend with an ever-expanding to-do list and an ever-shortening deadline.


My poor pal is losing her appetite, weight and sleep over a job that promises little reward at the end. Therefore, to help, we had a DVD night in with the blackest humour we could find: Nighty Night by Julia Davis. We laughed darkly at this cruel comic drama over and over again. Ah, where was I? Happiness, that’s right.


So this newsletter is from the lot at Action for Happiness and it’s about promoting positive actions and habits to produce happier people. And that includes you! Some of that advice is to have a good giggle, so we were doing the right thing with our sick TV dark sitcom-athon after all.


I’ve got a stated life purpose (worked out with some excellent life coaching by my pal Karin Jordan, who might do the same for you if you ask nicely).


It goes like this: “I am using my talents for presenting, performing, technology and originality, together with my passion for music, words, technology and fashion, to encourage positivity, respect, depth and freedom of expression.”


(NOTE TO YOURSELVES: Please don’t slag me off if you think I have no talents. That wouldn’t produce happiness. Just some action: the big finger from me)


Therefore, I feel I’m fully following my life’s purpose by passing on this cutesy lil film about combating your stress levels.



If you like your advice texty not video-ey, then consider downloading Action for Happiness’s 10 Keys To Happier Living, right here


But above all. Stay happy. You’ll be harshing my mellow if you don’t…



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