Now a Minge-Fro sounds interesting…

Required reading for 2012 for the laydeez: Caitlin Moran’s
How To Be A Woman (actually, all the switched on birds would’ve read her
already, but ideas take time to filter through the afro sometimes).
I’ve just burnt this book in just over a day. In my pyjamas.
But a good day’s work, nonetheless.
It’s part memoir, part pro-feminist rant, but with a huge
heap o’laughs too.
How about this for shooting down the porn industry’s domination
over our lady-garden-look?

“It’s like – ladies! This shit doesn’t apply to us! We’re
not getting paid for this! We don’t need to bother! Grow your little minge-fro
back! Be hair now!”

The big ideas shooting through the book is that we should be
on the constant look-out for sneaky, subtle sexism in the 21st
century, and that if we’re in any doubt as to what we women should be doing in
these mixed-messaged moments, we should ask ourselves the test question: “Are
the fellas doing it as well?” (compare obsessing about body image, having
facial tucks, shaving their genitals to look like children).
In other book news…

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