Give good head start

My friends the Burners are in the desert right now, lighting creative fires and watching The Man burn this weekend…

You can buy only coffee and ice in this temporary city and social experiment. Everything else was a gift. Not trade, exchange, bartering or swapping, but a gift, given without expecting to receive.After visiting Burning Man festivals in 2003 and 2010, I am reminded of the big thing that affected my thinking afterwards: the Festival’s gift economy.

pic here

pic hereAnd the lovely things I got! A round of margaritas, a place at a barbecue, a Medio bottom-spank from Scarbutts Café, a dip in a pool (in the middle of a desert!).  I gave some free feminist cabaret and some Bloody Mary cocktails, seeing as you ask.

Lucky readers, you don’t have to give up your air miles to get to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to learn about gift economies. Try this – a blog post by Jonathan Dawson, co-Head of Economics at Schumacher College, which is near where I live.

Dartington is helping to give a bit more happiness back to the community through its Interrogate Festival and I’ll be a punter at that. Action for Happiness is running the Festival’s agenda this year, and stands for more positivity in this world.

Your Correspondent will be present for a few positivity workshops, trying to up my happy game. I’ll report back soon enough.

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