See me


May I introduce myself?

I’m Mama Tokus…and I’m SURE we’re gonna get on great!

…a soulful singer from the Deep South West

…a composer/performer of original tunes and sly interpretations

MC able to wittily host events and stages

…creator of The Get-Together: a music pro-social club

…an ordained Dudeist Priestess in the Church of the Latter-Day Dude

…a comic poetess, doing stand-up poetry 

I do jazz & swing…

Original swing tune written by Yours Truly (cardigan, model’s own).
Join in, if ya wanna!

I do funk…

Lil tribute to Mr Bill Withers

I do shows…

Here’s a taster of my Music Social Club The Get-Together

I do spoken word…

I’m the kinda girl who likes a well funky beat!

I do weddings…

Mama's a Dudeist!


I’m an Ordained Dudeist Priest in the Church of the Latter Day Dude.

It’ll cost ya though…

What the people say

“Mama Tokus should be offered on the NHS as a cure for depression….fantastic fun!!”

Punter at a show, 2019

“A hybrid of cabaret, R&B, blues, funk and fun, Mama Tokus bursts out of the nu music hall scene (whatever that might be) with a first album stuffed full of great ideas put to great tunes – and isn’t that the best kind of music?”

Boff Whalley, R2 Magazine

“On The Ragtime should have its place in every blues and roots fan’s collection”

Jean Bervoets, Back to the Roots blues magazine

Check out more testimonials here to see what other people think of my hostess abilities. Ahem.

I know I might be coming on strong but…

If you want me for a performance, event or ceremony, just visit the Contact Me page, or email me at