Transition Tokus 2012

This Christmas
brought me closer to doom.
OK, so the Mayan spokesman is saying for
us not to worry
, but December 20th, 2012 is looking like a big
deadline for civilisation. With the emphasis on dead. That’s what my
pessimistic side is telling me.
Luckily, as a Libran, I balance out with a big dose of
optimism. And it’s this that is going to get me through the dark days until
next December. That and my growing collection of survivalist literature:
Collins Gem Trees and Food for Free;
Fresh Food
from Small Spaces
, Ray Mears
Survival Handbook
, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Lost Lore, Good
Housekeeping Household Handbook
1983, Caitlin Moran’s  How To Be A
I’ll have a Muddy Puddle please
I’m stockpiling knowledge right now. Soon it will be bottled
water and iodine, filter straws for purifiying brackish water, mung beans for
easy protein sprouted in the darkness when the lights go out on Planet Earth, a
bicycle generator for off-grid
personal power
, a bicycle
blender for apoca-lattes
, a head-full of flour and water recipes, seeds to
start my post-apocalyptic smallholding, songs to share with the stragglers who
survive with me to begin our New Dawn. And a crossbow. For rabbits. And those
who don’t like my songs.
So far, I’ve bought my After-Disaster Alpha Male (A.D.A.M) a
toy catapult to try out on seagulls, but we’ll be trading up to real weapons as
The Date With Destiny approaches.
I’m dusting off my Girl Guide 1983 (it was a good year for
skills) firestarting and log-lashing badgework notes so that I can build an
Ikea-style kitchen from leafmatter and cowpats, in the flickering light of my
woodland hearth.
I plan to use the time until December to seriously augment
my skills and wisdom enough to ensure that me and A.D.A.M make it through to
this Game’s next level. I’m calling this process Transition Tokus and I’ll be
reporting my progress throughout right here in digital ink.
Of course, when They pull the plug on the web servers, I’ll
be scratching my journal into the walls of my cave, where it will remain,
undisturbed for aeons until future archaeologists unearth my scrabblings and
use it as evidence to prove how primitive Man was in 2012… 

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