Rev Billy likes me!

It’s a busy time for Mama Tokus at the moment.
I’ve got to host performance poetry session Forked at the B-Bar this week – and it’s a bit nail-biting because I’ll be premiering an ‘introduction’ poem I’ve written about meself on my performance poetry course (I thought I ought to learn more about this poetry lark, seeing as it helps to put food in Mama’s fridge). Buy your tickets to the show right here.
You’ll see the intro poem here on this blog in the near future. I just want our rhyme-bosses to give it the once-over before I make it public.
I performed it to a TV producer this weekend, who’s quite keen on putting Mama in front of the cameras to talk music. Watch this space, or rather, watch the TV-shaped space in the distant future.
I’ll also be performing said poem (it better be good) at the forthcoming Bizarre Bazaar Winter Ball – 200 tickets sold so far – taking place at the plush Lavender House Hotel on November 20.
After that, I’m away up the A38 for a showcase gig at The Big Chill Bar, as part of the Music South West conference Fringe. So I gotta get me backing tracks sorted out fast.
Meanwhile, I’m plotting a food+music business venture that I hope will make Mama get fat on the profits.
Finally, my already healthy confidence was boosted further when I discovered that a hero of mine LIKES my page on Facebook! Yes, anti-consumerism campaigner and cod-clergyman Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping says he likes Mama Tokus!
I bumped into him at the Burning Man Festival and it was a big moment for me. And, of course, for him.
I’m waiting by the phone to see if he’ll invite to join his church choir…

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