Culture reigns supreme in Plymouth!

(Bet you never thought you’d hear that).

Anyway, it does for the inquisitive ones, happy to hunt out their stimulation, turning over stones and, er, leafing through online pages.

In fact, I’ve decided to put my super-motivated oar in, start up a Facebook group celebrating Plymouth Culture in order to pass on a few tasty tips and pointers. Watch me fan those flames of fun…

Meanwhile, Mama Tokus business has been brisk this month:

There’s been the new act to develop (deadline May 3, the Bank Holiday Monday of the Barbican International Jazz and Blues Festival, where the act has to get on the road).

Without giving too much away, the act involves a big dress, a bicycle trailer and a PA. Mama’s going mobile! I’m working with me diminutive pal Stef, who’s a dab hand at costumery. He pointed me towards quick-change artiste Arturo Brachetti (right). And I’ve not looked back since.

Mama (and me) have been enjoying a burst of creativity thanks to being inspired by musicians past and present.

I watched Ian Dury (RIP) depicted by Andy Serkis in new Brit-flick Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll. And loved it. Go see! That’s him in the picture. He does a good job…

In home entertainment, I borrowed me pal’s DVD of guitarist Derek Trucks. Rollicking and richly textured with a soulful, lyrical, funky, melodic, Southern-style boogie going on. Just how Mama likes it. Two hours with Derek flew by.

My miserablist pal Arash Torabi has lent me his copy of Jon Savage’s ace compilation of ‘intense Tamla’: Shadows of Love. It’s the sound of the Motown lot getting moody. And it wrenches your heart. In a good way.

Finally I’ve completed a tango-style poem on the Belle Epoque queen of partying (right), the Marchesa Luisa Casati, to be unveiled at this week’s edition of Forked! – the performance poetry night at the B-bar on Thursday 21 Jan.

It’s all go!

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