PlayAlonga Mama!

PlayAlonga Mama!

Tom and I play a lot together, performing those wonderful standards that just keep giving and giving. Tom teaches too, and I want to encourage Collective Joy-making through music so we thought we’d combine and get YOU involved! You up for joining in?

This is for instrumentalists and scatters who want to follow along with improvisation.

There’s a bit where Tom’s playing fours: he solos for 4 bars, then it’s your turn.
Then there’s a call-and-answer bit for you to continue with, before I come in with the bridge and we go to the coda.

This is for instrumentalists and singers who want Tom as their piano man!

There’s no vocal at all with plenty of space for you to stretch out.

This is the full Tom & Mama version so you can see what I did with Tom’s lovely music.

You can message me on or here’s my email address – tell me what you think!

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