The long silence breaks

Hurrah! My creative block is lifting.

I’ve just delved into The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and already it’s changing my creative life.

To update you: I’ve been carping on for years about not being a singer. Consequence? I ain’t a singer. However, I’ve decided that 2007 is the year of the show and therefore my new band can be revealed, alongside the singer inside.

The outfit contains actor/dancer/singer/sculptor/woodsman Andy Blackwell, plus that Karaoke Terrorist Ian Gilson – who is also a karaoke world-record-holder, as can be seen in video right here.

Together we make up Mama Tokus and the Sons of Bitches.

We’re tackling lady-issues, men-issues, black-issues, brown-issues and jazz issues. We’ve all got issues, y’see?

So watch this space for something musical, new and fresh to happen real soon. The singer inside me is screaming to be let out…

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