The debut album gets nearer

Work has begun on Mama’s debut album (working title: On The Ragtime).
I’m working with Vince Lee, who’s already proving a fine producer and herder of cats. I have been mocked roundly for contributing a flipchart and pens to proceedings, but needs must when everyone forgets where the middle 8 is supposed to be (me included).
Am performing piano-less this weekend, with Thomas Ford as accompanist (below). In fact, he’s much more than that. He’s taking the first set, while we carve up the second set between us.
He’s a wicked slide man with an unexpectedly blues growl for a voice.
A new song is due to be played – 500 Nights, written on the road in the US. It’s about casual and flippant lovin’. Guilty as charged…
Last month saw me helping to launch ArtsMatrix with a gig in the Plymouth College of Art cafe. Unlikely setting for tunes like Anarchy in the UK but Mama’s corporate offer is on the up.
This week I host an event for Gambian Projects, plus I also turn up in the In The Flesh festival for new work, organised by the Barbican Theatre.
Mama has been reading about the supposed existence of orgone energy or universal life force, as well as not finishing a poem about rhyming slang.

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