Soul sisterhood meets for a quick chat

Forget X-Factor: your blogging hostess met with real music royalty this week, when she bumped into both Lulu and Chaka Khan outside a hotel in Plymouth.

I was tipped off by a fellow funkateer and told to be hanging outside this particular Copthorne Hotel at a certain time for the ladies, who are touring together with Anastacia in their chick-soul show Here Come the Girls.
Sure enough, the tour manager let us approach Chaka (but no photos without show make-up we were told).
The First Lady of Disco lent forward and allowed your correspondent to plant a kiss on her line-free face, and hugged her to her ample bosom too.
Lulu was just as generous with her personal space too and both gave autographs that Mama Tokus will be hanging on her wall with her other celebrity DNA!
Post-experience, I enjoyed Chaka’s version of the Dizzy Gillespie tune A Night In Tunisia.
In other news, Mama Tokus gets back on the gig wagon after attempting to steal the show at her best pal’s 40th birthday party. If you’re on Facebook, see footage of Mama’s (current) theme tune I’m A Woman – chosen to differentiate herself from other drag queen lookalikes…
Watch out for more Mama at an exclusive party in London this week, held by thinker, talker, storyteller and 3D visualiser Don Eales.
Find out a little about what he thinks about right here.

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