Mama’s first ever reviews!

The album has gone out to a few magazines local, national and international and a couple of reviews have come in.

The latest edition of the local listings mag 24-7 has said that On The Ragtime is “a triumph of modern-day feminism set against a backdrop of olden-day sounds” and is “just what the soul-doctor ordered”. Amen! You can see the magazine, all interactive-like, by clicking here.
Meanwhile, in Belgium, the Back to the Roots magazine has reviewed Mama favourably. In Dutch.

My reliable translators say that the review urges the readers to: “hurry on down to the record shop and buy this marvellous album. A pleasant time is guaranteed for all. Great stuff! ‘On The Ragtime’ should have its place in every blues and roots fan’s collection.”

Being reviewed feels really good (so far). Of course, when I get slated, I’ll throw a hissy fit and go hide under my quivering afro for weeks on end. And I won’t tell you lot, either…

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