Mama Tokus album on iTunes

My debut album On The Ragtime is now available on iTunes!

If you’re an iTunes user, just click the button over there on the right and you’ll be put through to Mama’s iTunes Store page, where you can shop to your own delight.

The album features cheeky rhythm’n’blues, new-gospel, saucy swing, fruity funk and rude blues from the ladies’ perspective from On The Ragtime.

On The Ragtime is also available for you to buy electronically, with just a click of your finger at the following places:

  • Click below to order a signed copy from Mama:           

  • Click below to buy from ReverbNation: downloads and ringtones (prices in $)

Send me your comments on the album here – but only if they’re good, of course…

Or find my Amazon store here to browse what I read, watch and recommend…

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