Little Miss Manager

I’ve just woken up in Paddington Station after a whirlwind tour with two bluesmen. That sounds weird, I know.

Robin Henkel & Ric Lee, headlining the Plymouth Blues Society gig this week

The good news is that its ‘good tired’. Together, we had a musical riot (and no-one got hurt). The bad news is…well, there ain’t no bad news.

It’s all smiles after a triumphant UK visit by primitive blues guitarman Robin Henkel and his percussive pal Ric Lee. Apart a bit of weeping at the airport just now.

Robin brought his passionate intensity and slide guitar sound to the South West of England for a set of shows that included a restaurant recital, a Plymouth Blues Society meeting with Vince Lee, a Barbican International Jazz & Blues Festival date and a sweat-drenched knees-up in a crazy candlelit Cornish pub.

I was on nearly all of the shows (the only one I missed was at Plymouth’s Big Food Event at City Market, but a funky young man got his groove on in my absence. Check his moves right here).

Robin scored a standing ovation at his final performance in The B-Bar on Sunday night. Then, in true blues style, we hitched a train – a sleeper car – where we rode the rails to London to see the sights (how do you see the sights? With the London Eye, of course).

Giving London the Henkel Eye...

With the tour over & the fellas packed off in the Iron Bird in the Sky, I’m on another blues train, reclining in the Quiet Carriage, musing on how I’m going to top that past week.

I’ll start by working on a new song.

Because I’ll be needing a bigger repertoire for when I visit those guys in San Diego in September.

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