Gift economies, Miss Ovulator and harmonious geezers

Am back from performing at the Burning Man party Decom,
where I shared billing with Miss Ovulator (who gave up one of her eggs live on stage)  – swiftly followed up by my own song
(Too Busy To) Reproduce. Now THERE’S a programming gift…
Did I say gift? Of course, the Burning Man Festival is a
gift economy and as such is one of the alternative payment systems espoused in
my current reading: The Future of
Not a maths gal meself, but even this low-grade adder-upper
can see that the current system’s struggling under the weight of cruelty,
unfairness and cold-hearted capitalism.
Which is why it’s time to be uplifted! If you’re local to St Mary’s Church, Totnes – enjoy this harmonious lot along with Mama: Sakhioba, a Georgian men’s choir.
I’ll be at the front of the church. Praying for redemption.

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