Bunny’s Droppin’ – Mixymisstokus’s first proper podcast

Watch out Whispering Bob Harris – Mixymisstokus has ventured into broadcasting.

She’s set sail on pirate waters, with a new internet radio show called Bunny’s Droppin’.

On the inaugural show she met Mike ‘Really Good’ Offen and Matt ‘Not Bad’ Taylor, who shared the fruits of their crate-diggin’ with her.

Expect freakbeat, psychedelia, pastoral rock and wigged-out warpings – even some raucous garage bands, in the first ever Bunny’s Droppin’ podcast, available to download here

Of course, there’s the weekly BBC Radio Devon show known as The Review going out every Thursday night at 6pm on 95.7FM and 103.4FM…but you know all of that already.

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