4-star review for Mama’s music in national music magazine!


I’m a 4-star artiste – and I didn’t even know it!

National music mag R2 – formerly Rock’n’Reel – gave my debut album On The Ragtime four lovely stars, calling it “brilliant”. I’m over the bleedin’ moon about it.

The scan of the review and the lovely words is below, but I must say thank-you (in the gushy, breathy style of an overblown Oscar-winner) to the people who were midwives to my musical daydreams: Karin Jordan, for helping me shape my plans, Vince Lee, Doc at the PMC and the Plymouth Blues Mafia for producing it, all the lovely Bitches who played on it.

Rest assured, people, I’m basking in the limelight, basking in the glory and generally swooning…but I can get up from my reverie to man the tills if you wanna buy copies of this highly-rated long-player. You can buy your signed copy from the Buy Me section of this very website and my pal and 24-7 Magazine columnist Backbone, who told me a couple of weeks ago that he’d seen the review last year!


4 star Mama Tokus review


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