Inaugural Don’t Read the Daily Mail Day next week

And now a message from your media sponsor.


Next week sees the first ever Don’t Read the Daily Mail Day.  I’m joining in wholeheartedly – and I’m hoping you guys will also.

This media platform, read on paper, online, in Twitter, by a startling amount of ‘right-thinking people’ (some of whom might be among us) specialises in spreading THE FEAR.

Cancer scares, false immigration stats, divisive headlines, vicious celebrity coverage, misogyny and body-image b*llsh*t dominates the content (spreading out to the rest of the online world via its successful website. International group members, beware).

So on Tuesday September 24, the sublime spoof Twitter account @DMReporter (Follow! Follow!) has arranged a day of light to wipe clean the dark smears normally left on our consciousness by this rag.

All the details – and the rationale – are talked about here:

But why Mama’s polemic?

As a one-time employee of a Daily Mail-owned local newspaper, I can now assuage my guilt by tearing into the hand that once fed me.

So next Tuesday, put fear and hate, snideyness and nastiness away for just one day. DON’T READ THE DAILY MAIL.

You might get to like it…

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