Hall of Infamy

Welcome to the Hall of Infamy (you’ve all put it infamy…)

Your name is here because you’re a Mamatron* First Responder** or a Go-Go-Getter*** and you’re being honoured for that with your name up in digital lights.

…and the Winners at Life are…[DRUM ROLL HERE]


Amanda Bluglass


Katherine Pazda

Andrew Vaccari

Mrs Turner

Bernardine Artuso

Aiden Lawley

Chris Chatwin

Emma George


Bridget Dare

*Mamatron – my silly word for Patrons of Mama

**First Responder – understanding, generous riders-to-the-rescue who became a Mamatron within the first 3 months of this account.

As Quincy Jones said in this documentary: “I’m a responder”.

***Go-Go-Getter – helping to shore up the careers of the musicians of The Get-Together and supporting the massive idea of music and song as necessary and healing for the world.