Let’s eat together!

Sharing food

One way we can really Get-Together is to eat together - so let's do it!

There's a Pot Luck Dining element to the evening, which is where we all contribute and share some nibbles.

We're gonna have an extended interval so we can nibble and chat and I'd love it if you brought some tasty snacks to share. If we all bring a little, there should be enough to go round.


To keep it easy (and safe) for us all, let’s:

1. BRING FINGER FOOD: Bring cold items to eat with our hands, without cutlery



4. LABEL THE ITEMS, and their ingredients

When you're preparing food for or eating at The Get-Together, please wash your hands thoroughly beforehand.

Also, you're nibbling at your own risk so if you are worried about eating the wrong stuff or you have intolerances that the food might set off, don't do it!

If you've got a serious allergy, please avoid the food area and alert us on the day/night.

You might like to bring:

  • cute little sandwiches

  • mini savoury snacks

    cute pastries

  • veggie or fruit kebabs

  • cake(s)

  • Fairy cakes

  • Slices of lovely cake

  • Flapjacks

  • More cake

Bring your lovely finger food snacks on a serving plate and label it, so you take it home with you afterwards

Please DON’T bring:

  • pots of lentil dahl

  • potato salad or salad

  • hot food - it will be standing for a bit at room temperature before we get to it

  • stuff with mayonnaise or uncooked eggs in it

  • stuff with nuts in it

Please make this. Please.

This looks like the kind of offering that I could just about put together.

But I’ll be busy on other Get-Together fun - so can you do this bit?

It doesn’t have to be cheese & pineapple - it could be cute lil veggie sausages, Maltesers or marshmallows. Improvise!

Just please, somebody bring a Buffet Hedgehog.

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