A Little More Conversation…

If you’re a Mamatron Super-Plus and we’re going to be chatting monthly, THANK YOU for your pledge.

Mama on the hand-phone

My pledge to you is to be interesting, interested, kind, fun, funny and compassionate.

Now because this is a deeper level of Mama connection, there are some ground-rules that will keep us both in check:

  1. We’re gonna be respectful to each other, right? We’re going to listen and we’re not gonna be hateful or nasty.
  2. No sexy, weird stuff that makes either of us uncomfortable. This is not about that AT ALL.
  3. I reserve the right to check through & select my ‘chattees’ in advance and if I don’t want to go ahead with you, I’ll tell you and return your pledge.
  4. I reserve the right to stop this service with immediate effect, (although I’ll probably give you some notice), and if I do, I’ll stop your pledge at the same time so you’re not out of pocket.
  5. Our conversations have got to happen on UK time. I won’t be able to handle any early hours of the morning stuff. I’ll get cranky.
  6. These Conversation Groundrules on this page are the latest version and may be updated from time to time. I’ll tell you when that happens and if I’ve added any, you can check ’em through here

    Thank you, it’s gonna be nice.