The Travelling Brain Show

I’m venturing into show production with The Travelling Brain Show!

It’s edutainment in time for Christmas: the perfect funny-clever cabaret show that gets you away from the interminable Yuletide TV adverts and into a good, old-fashioned atmosphere of humanity…

The Travelling Brain Show is a mix of intriguing facts about how the human brain works, presented in the style of a smart Vaudeville-lecture,

John Hudson and Sonja Kling perform strange case studies using comedy, acting, sumptuous singing, occasional dancing, yodelling – plus a projected visual feast.

Their mad collection of astonishing brain dysfunctions opens a window to a world of weirdness.

There is the neglect syndrome, foreign accent syndrome, pavement fondling and even epileptic poets. There is also the Penfield Homunculus, oxytocin, a new cure for phantom limb pain, some live brain experiments on stage and an autopsy of a cauliflower!

Find out how your brain works with The Travelling Brain Show.

Entertaining, sexy, funny. Enlightenment with style and taste.

The perfect Christmas do and an antidote to too many Slade soundtracks…

Tickets cost £7 each.
Buy tickets online here: or via 07786 808807
Or you can buy tickets directly over the counter at The Barrel House, Totnes.

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